Wood Ceilings & Walls

We offer a wide variety of wood ceiling and wall products. We offer linear wood ceilings and walls, cell wood ceilings, classical wood looks, and the ability to bring these looks from the ceiling to the wall. All available in FSC certified wood. We can also match most every wood look available with a higher quality product but at a much better price.

Metal Ceilings,Walls and Security Ceilings

Standard Metal ceilings with exposed, semi exposed and concealed suspension systems with various metal types and perforation patterns with High acoustics. Metal interior walls as well as exterior wall panels and rain screen systems. . Our Security Ceilings offer maximum protection in applications such as prisons and mental facilities, locking the panels tightly in place, while still allowing for maintenance when needed. We offer a range of systems, for various finishes and levels of acoustics desired.

Halstead Toptile Ceilings and Walls

Halstead™ Ceilings & Walls develops high-quality, safe, and affordable ceiling and wall products that infuse modern design with reliability. We strive to provide our customers with the industry’s widest array of innovative tiles in a diverse range of styles, colors and materials. All TopTile™ products are rigorously tested and guaranteed to meet high air quality standards (in accordance with ASTM D5116) and carry a Class “A” fire rating (in accordance with ASTM E84). At Halstead™ Ceilings & Walls, we design, fabricate and market ceiling and wall products to fulfill all aesthetic tastes and functional requirements. We are involved with every aspect of the process… with trusted and experienced employees supervising the design, manufacturing and quality of our products.

Fabric Ceilings & Walls

Our fabric products are like no other. We offer fabric wrapped wall panels in both standard sizes and shapes all the way to the most custom shapes, and even 3D panels! We offer these products wrapped in almost any fabric. We also offer fabric wrapped ceiling tiles, in both lay in and tegular edge. With our wide variety and selection, we compete like no other in the marketplace.

Industrial Accoustics

We offer products to help mitigate sound in industrial areas. This includes soundproof curtains, acoustic enclosures, sound absorbers, mass loaded vinyl noise barriers and ceiling baffles for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether it be reducing sound transmitted from HVAC equipment, or containing noise surrounding a construction site, this material offers an economical solution to substantial noise issues.

GRG, GFRG, FRP Column Covers & Specialties

We offer GRG, GFRC and FRP for interior and exterior applications. From standard to custom-mold column covers and light coves to soffits, domed ceilings and exterior fa├žade panels. Simply put, your GRG request is our demand.

Metal Columns, Speciality Metal Panels & Store Fixtures

We offer a wide range of custom metal fabrications. This includes interior and exterior column covers, wall panels, grilles, light coves, storefront signage, corner guards, door/window framing and much more.

Decorative Laminates

Whether it be the backsplash in a kitchen, or a replica tin ceiling in a restaurant, all the way to the wainscoting in a commercial building, our decorative laminates lines will fit all your needs. Our plastic laminates can replicate almost any look out there. From a replica wood to a replica tin look, with the additional grid covers to match, there is no equal to the look we can provide. We also have the capability with our decorative metal line, to literally make any look out there. If you see it, or you think it, we can make it.

Noise Isolation Products

We offer several sound isolation products for floor/ceiling assemblies as well as demising walls. This can be very useful for hotel/dorm/apartment applications where tenant privacy and comfort are concerns. Our products minimize the alteration of a design by offering slim recycled rubber products that attach to studs along hat channels in a wall, or atop the substrate in a floor. We even offer a spray-on product for quick and easy sound isolation.


We offer an advanced line of EIFS products including your standard direct-applied system, along with thermal barrier systems complete with innovative drainage technology. A plethora of textures and colors are available, utilizing an effective and economical application method to mix in color.

Value Energy Lighting Solutions

Value Lighting Energy Solutions can be a turn key partner for your Lighting Retrofit project. Whether your needs are exterior or interior lighting we can keep your project on budget and on time. We guarantee it. Please call your Value Lighting Energy Solutions consultant today!


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